Avengers Endgame, will it be worth the hype?

Lucy Kinkel, Reporter

From a young age, my dad made me watch different movies with him, including various Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Thor was my hero, and I was scared of the Hulk. I have to admit though, when Marvel released a whole bunch of movies in a short time span, I lost the overview and have not seen every movie after 2015.

But for Marvel, I don’t have to have the knowledge of every movie in order to be able to watch the newest movie. The creators do a great job in making each movie understandable for newcomers.

Personally, the first Avengers movie was my favorite MCU movie; I preferred the number of main characters, and the amount of humor was perfectly balanced. With the development of part two and three, there were too many characters added to where some of my favorite actors’ screen time was cut short.

Let’s talk about the newest and also conclusion to the Avengers movies, Endgame. It has been hyped all over the planet, and tickets have sold out almost immediately with hour-long online waiting lines.

The trailer seems promising. The darkness, the helpless Avengers, and the music makes the perfect atmosphere for goosebumps. By now, everyone has probably heard that Chris Evans, also known as Steve Rogers or Captain America, has cried several times during the first part of the movie. I would suggest to take some tissues to the movie theater.

Almost all Marvel Movies were a huge success, so it was not a surprise when tickets sold out. The last part left all of us with a major cliffhanger, and I think we all want to know what will happen after the ending of Infinity War. Thanos will return, and with that, millions of excited fans of the movie series.

The only thing that I don’t really like about the release is the fact that Marvel is hitting us each year with more and more movies; they should have taken a longer break to stir more anticipation.

I would suggest going to watch it, and if you are one of the people who did not have the chance to get a ticket for the release, be sure to steer clear from spoilers.