Why Star Wars Will Cure Your Boredom During Self-isolation

Hana Maung, Reporter

I’ll be the first to admit that there is a limited amount of boredom-relieving activities that people can do while self-isolating, yet with a bit of soul-searching and a Disney+ subscription, Star Wars will feed your desire for some adventure. 

Yes, it might sound cheesy or perhaps even nerdy to be suggesting that Star Wars will save your life, but hear me out. The three trilogy series containing a total of nine episodes (not including the Star Wars stories such as Solo or Rogue One) are cinematic masterpieces. Each episode follows the storyline of saving the galaxy from the darkness by holding onto the notion of achieving full democracy within the galactic universe. 

Still not convincing enough? While the political agenda behind Star Wars seems to be the main focus, the twists and turns of family secrets, forbidden love, and conflicting emotions are the real reasons why the series is so engrossing. 

And if all of this is still not budging you then let me explain why Star Wars is so captivating for the rest. Beginning in 1977, Star Wars became this literal alternate universe to which all age groups could believe in. Its shocking balance between good and evil made it extremely difficult to choose a side, while in all honesty it was never intended that anyone had to choose just one side. Characters such as Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and even Luke Skywalker all could not resist having both light and dark as their moral compass. 

The empire that Star Wars built itself is bigger than life. So while the sports fans, drama fans, and adventure-seeking fans sit at home wondering what can cure their boredom, remember that Star Wars is only one click away.