Back at it again

Students started back at school on August 23.

Danielle Saucedo, Reporter

We have started school and it is definitely a lot crazier than any other year. Some kids coming to school have never been in the building or their last learning experience was completely online. This year things have been going back to normal, and for a lot of people the first day was very confusing.

 “The school is so big that it really didn’t help me,” sophomore Kimberly Gonzalez said. “I was late for all of my classes on the first day and it was a lot of walking, but it was ok and I actually liked my first day.” 

 Last year we had students online and that made the hallways a little less crowded. The students here last year are trying to get used to everyone being back and the hallways being packed.

“It was a little adjustment for me for people coming back but it wasn’t so hard,” sophomore Isai Artega said. “I also helped some of my friends to get to their classes so that caused me to be late to some of my classes, but for the most part my first day was ok.”

There are a lot of events coming up already in this school year. A lot of kids are ready for all these activities to start.

“I know there are some events I already have my eyes on,” sophomore Dacia Newness said. “I’m ready to be back in school and it’s nice to be back after everything last year online.”