Crafty Club

Adriana Oberto, Reporter

Crafty Cubs, the knitting and crochet club will be having their second meeting on Thursday, Sept 23rd. 

“I decided that as a leader I’m going to go for a more structured approach because in previous years there was no order and people could do whatever they wanted,” leader Namneet Rai said.

They are going to start off by teaching everyone how to crochet for the first semester.

“I chose crochet over knitting because with crochet you can make stuff like stuffed animals and I figured that people would like that more,” Rai said.

Most of the people in the club are beginners.

“We’re going to start using a small pattern and later on we’re gonna work our way up to like stuffed animals,” junior Valeria Martinez said. “It’s gonna be something small, not too big and not too complicated.”

If you are interested in the club you can join at any time by attending a meeting in room 2103.

“We’re absolutely accepting people as the year goes on, like the more the merrier,” Rai said.

They have many different forms of social media where you can contact them.

“Like I mentioned there’s a [email protected]#2969, a [email protected], and then there’s also an [email protected]_crafty but I haven’t really set that up yet,” Rai said.