Final Attack


Catriona Clarke

Sophomore Ryan Gosmano blocks a Woodlands player at a game on February 17th

What makes a team strong is the trophies you get. Wrong. Family above everything, Langham Creek Lacrosse team never fails to prove how strong they are as a unit. 

“The chemistry of this team has never failed,” senior Logan Lake said. “We´ve been playing together for so long that we just work so well together.” 

Despite challenges throughout the season, each of the players have grinded out like never before. Challenges such as their most recent game on Sunday, April 24th.

“The most recent game was us vs. Katy in the District Championship, and we lost by one goal,” senior Nick Husted said. “The last time we played them we lost 18-6, so only losing by one goal is good.”  

Due to the season coming to an end, the Seniors plan to leave a legacy behind that is remembered. 

“The legacy I want to leave is that hard work can pay off and do what you want it to do,” senior Ryan Berger said. “Strike first, strike hard, no mercy.”