All Hail The King And Queen


Avery Roberts

Seniors Jayda Ngo and Joshua Sauceda were crowned Homecoming Queen and King Friday, October 21st during the halftime ceremony at Cy-Fair FCU Stadium.

Isabella Carrillo, Reporter

As Homecoming for the 2022-2023 school year is ending, the running for the crown has finally come to a close. Winners Joshua Sauceda, and Jayda Ngo were announced as our King and Queen.

“I think that this was the most competitive race we’ve had yet,” Sauceda said. 

The candidates had a shocked reaction when hearing their names announced.

‘My mouth was literally open,” Ngo said. “In every picture my mouth was wide open.”

Not only were the candidates surprised, but the crowd’s reaction said everything. 

“I remember shouting, ‘LETS GO,’’ junior Ryan Gosmano said. 

With the roars from the student section, it gave Sauceda the green light.

“It was really cool hearing that the student section had my back,” Sauceda said. 

On the edge of their seats, the winners were announced. 

“When I heard my name at first I felt numb,” Ngo said. “ I was like, is this real?” 

The crowned king and queen celebrated their special achievement. 

“It was a really unforgettable night, and I’m very proud of Josh and I,” Ngo said.