Students Give Back

Sarah Pinkerton, Editorial Editor

The devastation of the Houston flood was impactful. Although some areas did not face serious impact, other areas of Houston were inflicted with severe damage. Homes and businesses were flooded and buildings were destroyed. Many students and adults pitched in to assist the families in need by rebuilding fences, hosting food & clothing drives and providing emotional support to families who seemingly lost everything.

“I volunteered through my church, Second Baptist and rebuilt a flood victims fence that had been knocked over,” sophomore Jordan Gilchrist said.

Along with the assistance of Second Baptist Church and Lifepath Church, many clubs and organizations at Langham also contributed. The Electoral Club, sponsored by Ms. Weaver donated $300 to a family in need, the theater department hosted a clothing drive and the Bailadoras sent a care package to the Cy- Falls drill team due to their school damage.

“I went with Lifepath Church and we went down to the Candlelight Forest subdivision to help people’s houses that were basically destroyed by the flood,” junior Adallis Bradford said. “We packed up the remainder of their things that weren’t damaged by the flood. We basically helped them in any way we could whether packing up boxes or moving damaged furniture to the street.”

Although the flood was devastating to many people in Houston, the teamwork of everyone around to assist the struggling families was the most impactful part of this event.

“Feeling humble that I could be a blessing to the family and help them complete what they could not have done on their own [was the most impactful part],” Gilchrist said.