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Junior/Senior Nerf War

Caroline Adami, News Editor

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The rules are simple. Do not get assassinated.

In place of the infamous Junior-Senior Wars that aggravated both students and community members years ago, Assassin is a nerf gun competition now played by the upperclassmen of Langham Creek.

Players pay $5 to enter the game, and upon entry, they are assigned a target. Each person has one week to shoot their target and post video proof on the Assassin Twitter page. If you get shot, or if you fail to shoot your target by the end of the week, you are out of the game. The last person standing wins all of the money.

Three weeks into the game, only 11 players remain. The money is close, but the competition is stiff. 

No one seems to know exactly what they’ll do with the jackpot when they win, but the ambition to take the prize is intense all around.

“I haven’t made any plans yet,” Senior Miles Bibbins said. “All I know is that I’m going to win. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Whatever it takes… The money, or call it competitiveness, really brings out the worst in people.

“Last year, someone broke my front door and tore my dad’s shoulder,” Junior Peyton Connor said. “I’ve been slammed into my own refrigerator, ambushed by the Lacrosse team, and set up.”

Every player has a crazy (maybe sometimes even illegal) story to share, but can you really blame them? These are the experiences that make the game exciting and the jackpot so rewarding.

“Everyone play next year!” Connor said. “It’s worth it.”

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Junior/Senior Nerf War