Associate Band Director’s Days at Langham Creek Come to an End

Asia Estelle, Guest Writer

Alex Denton, the associate band director, is leaving Langham Creek to begin a new chapter of his life. In recent months, he was offered a position as a head band director at Cy-Ranch High School. Mr. Denton has made such an impact on the band program, as well as with all of the students. Though we [the band] will miss him very dearly, we are also very excited for him and proud of our director.

Mr. Denton graduated from the University of Houston- Go Coogs! He was also a member of Drum Corps International, and marched for the Cavaliers for about four years. The twenty-nine year old was originally introduced to Langham as a student teacher. After he was hired, he worked at Langham for about six years along with head band director Gloria Ramirez, and assistant band director Marshall Thomas.

One day after school, the entire band received a message that we were to have a meeting. Of course no one knew the content of the meeting, and everyone was confused. Gathered in the band hall, it was silent. A mysterious letter was passed out, and then we all saw Mr. Denton at the front of the band hall, nervous for what he was about to say.

Personally, I thought he was going to tell us Ms. Ramirez was retiring, but never did I think he would be telling us he is leaving. Nor did I think he would leave at all!

Among the students you could see the fear of what was to come next along with many tears- sad from the situation. Though this occasion was absolutely heartbreaking, in that moment Mr. Denton said words to us I will never forget. “You all are the gold standard [of what a band should be]. Never change.”

At our annual band banquet, the band decided to put together a video of their favorite memories of Mr. Denton in his honor. Even within the short amount of time he had with the freshmen, he was still able to form connections with them.

“My favorite memory of Mr. Denton was when he conducted Nessun Dorma. I loved seeing all of his emotions and how happy he was,” freshman Abril Tenorio said.

Mr. Denton has helped to make many memories, and has contributed immensely to the success of our band program.

Sophomore Judith Torres said, “I’m going to miss during sectionals whenever Mr. Denton would stop us completely to talk about something random.”

Mr. Denton had so much passion and dedication for our program, and always lifted students’ spirits with words of encouragement and hope for the future.

“At the band banquet after I took a picture with him [Denton], he hugged me and said that I was going to be a great band director in the future,” junior Logan Kellar said.

Alex Denton has and will always will be a inspiration to others. The amount of love, and compassion he has in his heart for others is indescribable. He genuinely put all of his heart into helping his coworkers, helping his students, and overall helping our organization. Nothing will be the same without him.

“I think he had a good rapport with the kids, and he had what I look for in the people I work with. He had passion,” head band director Gloria Ramirez said. “I’m going to miss the way all three of us [band directors] interact daily, and how we work with each other. I don’t think we can ever recreate that.”

“Mr. Denton’s effect on the band program is hard to put into words,” assistant band director Marshall Thomas said. “I believe it’s more of a feeling. A feeling of appreciation, a feeling we will all miss him, and a feeling he has left us with things that will empower us all to keep moving forward and to be the best people we can be.”

Mr. Denton’s leaving is grief-stricken, and will affect all of us [band members]. However, he assures us that everything will be okay. Langham Creek will never forget Mr. Denton, and he will always be a Lobo. So yes, it is very sad he is leaving, but I believe he would want us to remember that he is always with us, and also that he is only an email or a fifteen minute drive away.

So, from Langham Creek to Mr. Denton on his new journey… stay classy Mr. Denton, but most importantly, stay happy Mr. Denton.