New Teacher Feature – Kirstie McCallum


McCallum teaching Beginning Men Choir

Evony McCutchen, Arts and Entertainment Editor

New school exterior, new front office, new classrooms, new students, and new teachers. For us here at Langham Creek, we get to experience unique things this year, especially in the Fine Arts department. The choir program said hello to their new assistant director Kirstie McCallum.  

McCallum is a Langham Creek alumni and UH newly graduate. She is currently the director for Advance Treble, Beginning Men, and vocal ensemble VOCE choir. While she attended Langham she was part of the Choir program and was Choir Council President, which now benefits her as the director because she has previous knowledge of the program.

“There was just a lot of factors to why I would be a candidate:” McCallum said. “I am a first year teacher in general, and this is an amazing high school choir program, and I came here… right now I hope that I can live up to what the program is. It is very successful and you guys are amazing from what Fiorini and Loer built.”

Although it may be McCallum’s first year teaching, she is still wanting to push the choir students to trying new things in hope to continue the path that has been laid down by the previous and current head director and is executing it with a “professional” attitude while maintaining the interest of her students. 

“I hope to push you guys with new rep, new socials, and push you guys throughout the different kinds of extra things we have like All- State, Solo and Ensemble, and that kind of stuff,” McCallum said. “I really just want to keep going on the track that Loer and Fiorini have set before because it’s an amazing one.” 

“The choir program has a lot of respect for our directors,” sophomore Advance Treble member Gabby Laperna said. “I think we all understand that: yes she has been through this choir program and she’s fresh out of college, but she is our director and acts professional even though we still have a fun time in her class.”

McCallum came to Langham because in the spring semester of 2018-2019 the choir program lost their head director Chris Fiorini, and so previous assistant director Andrea Loer became current head director leaving a vacant spot for an assistant director. Though the choir students may have lost someone they also gained another.  

“For how long Fiorini was here, not having him here probably feels weird for you guys,” McCallum said. “Although there is still some familiarity for you guys with Loer, but just the absence of Fiorini is huge. I feel like I’m doing one tiny step in his shoes.”

“I feel like it’s a big change, but it’s a good change,” junior VOCE member Kenna Valadez said.

Then again you have those who are ready to experience these new things along side with McCallum.

“I think that she wants us to go along the journey with her,” Laperna said. “And that’s cool ‘cause we get to share our voice more than we usually would.”

“And I feel like having something new will actually make things better for everyone,” senior choir council member Briana Guerra said. “It’s beneficial to have experienced so many different types of directors so you learn things in different ways.”

Overall the choir program and directors are excited for this school year and what it may have in store for them with this new director. Many of the choir students are supportive of McCallum and wish her the best. 

 “Keep going and don’t be scared of the position that you have or the shoes that you feel you have to fill.” Laperna said.

“Just keep doing you, just do the best that you can do and keep striving” Valadez said.

“Keep doing what you are doing, because it will inspire other people to become a musician or music director just as how Loer or Fini inspired you,” Guerra said. “Do the same thing to others, just continue the legacy.

McCallum may be a new teacher, but she has always been a lobo, so welcome back home McCallum.