Nice to Tea Ya, Tea Ya Next Year

Tea club holds its last meeting of the school year

Hailey Vo, Reporter

School will be out in just over a month, and clubs and extracurriculars are wrapping up their last activities of the school year. The tea club will be hosting their final meeting on Tuesday, May 3.

“We’re gonna end it on a good year,” tea club president Brianna Montemayor said.

Along with giving students opportunities to make friends and enjoy tea, the club taught the officers life skills that will help them in the future.

“I’ve learned to be more organized and to be less chaotic while serving people tea,” sophomore Vy Tran said.

Despite this being the club’s first year at Langham, the tea club has impacted many students’ lives in and outside of school.

“I feel like I’m important because I have tea club,” sophomore Sarah Biak Len Thluai said. 

Many people have expressed their love for the club and how they try to come to every meeting.

I think any tea meeting is my favorite meeting,” Montemayor said.

The tea club officers encourage members to return next year.

You guys should stay in it for the rest of the school year so then the club can continue,” sophomore Susset Zepeda said. 

Next year, the officers hope that the club will have more detailed planning and activities.

“I think I wanna do more in the tea club, like add more snacks, tea, have more people,” Montemayor said.

Students attending the last tea club meeting of the year are sure to create fun memories and have a good time.

“I hope you guys cherished it and became your happiest self, and I hope you can live the tea meeting to the best,” Montemayor said.